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Hexagroove (2019), Ichigoichie

πŸ† β€œBest Game Audio” by the 2019 Baltic Sea Game Award. (link)

Credits: Music production, Implementation, Programming, Sound design.

Tiny Echo (2017), Might & Delight

πŸ† β€œGame of the Year” during the 2017 Swedish Design Awards. (link)

πŸ† β€œBest Audio” during the 2018 Reboot Develop conference. (link)

Credits: Composition, Music production.


Our services

We offer tiers of services in mountaineering terms to illustrate the variety of scopes that we work with:


One-stop solution with original adaptive music that is all written, recorded and implemented by us, saving your team much needed resources.


Engagement in the early to mid stages of development to aid in the process of pitching and building awareness for your game.


A life-long marketing plan for your IP that builds its efficiency from a well-crafted and engaging music soundtrack.


Expert consultation services at all stages of game development where you encounter problems with game music that needs to be solved.


MWM also offers licensing music for use in video games, offering a deep understanding of music copyright and maximizing profit from the many ways that game music can and should be exploited. The company’s well-established network in both the music and game industries provides a significant advantage in licensing music for and from projects.


“That in my opinion is one of the best game soundtracks ever done, definitely my favorite.”


The music not only suits the game perfectly and woefully, it is a masterpiece on its own when listened separately from the immersive experience of Tiny Echo, bringing back reminiscent emotions from times and places we don’t oftern find while conscious.


“Gorgeous & mystical soundtrack for a gorgeous & mystical game. I especially dig the final track where the deep humming sets in. Superb atmosphere!”



Mount West Music is a critically acclaimed game composer and music producer that has created award-winning music for video games.

At Mount West Music, we offer a one-stop solution for the entire product line of making game music. From composition and production to code implementation and marketing.

Led by Jacob Westberg, a game composer, music producer, and game developer with 10 years of experience in game music and a Master’s of Art degree at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.