Game composer Mount West Music inside a music studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

From Score to Code | Award-winning Game Composer



From Score to Code

Our pipeline encompasses Composition, Implementation, Programming, and Marketing, ensuring that every aspect of your game’s music is crafted with precision. At Mount West Music, we are your dedicated partner in bringing the musical experience beyond immersion. As experts in game music, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to make your game last forever.


We compose and produce original and adaptive music that interlinks with the game’s design and aesthetics, to achieve what we call ludonarrative harmony.


We implement music through audio middlewares, such as Wwise and Fmod, to ensure seamless integration during production.


Mount West Music believes that programming music systems directly into the project’s code base is crucial for optimizing emotional impact.


By drawing attention to our projects we market games through the power of music to amplify long term sales and cultural impact of our projects.

Music and programming

Mount West Music is a critically acclaimed game composer and music producer that has created award-winning music for video games.

At Mount West Music, we offer a complete pipeline of making music for games. From composition and production to code implementation and marketing. From score to code.

Led by Jacob Westberg, a game composer, music producer, and game developer with 10 years of experience in game music and a Master’s of Art degree at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.