Hi, my name is Jacob Westberg and I started making music under the pseudonym “Mount West” a bit into my music career.

As I developed my awareness and knowledge over the technical challenges of implementing my music into games I wanted to start a dedicated company with the aspiration of delivering not only high quality music, but also high quality solutions for game developers.

Mount West Music (MWM) is a one-stop solution for game developers and publishers seeking original music that connects with a game’s design and narrative. Music in games is so much more than setting the mood and creating immersion.

Jacob Westberg at the age of two

At the heart of MWM’s mission is a lifelong passion for games and music. Our approach to game music considers both the Aesthetic, Dynamic, and Mechanical aspects of the game design. This means MWM is able to work with clients to provide a bespoke service that is both holistic and detailed.


Our approach to composition and music production is focused on delivering handcrafted music. Thorough documentation of the creative process is a key feature of the company’s approach, offering players a behind-the-scenes look at how the music they love was created. Allowing them to more fully appreciate the artistry and creativity that went into making their favorite games.

The company specializes in narrative games with high artistic and technical requirements, with a portfolio that includes adventure games, point-and-click games, and rhythm games. By harnessing a deep experience in modern production techniques and the ability to compose and arrange music for musicians in ensembles and orchestras, we offer a wide sonic palette for our clients.

Project management and delivery

MWM understands how project management evolves during game development. From the more agile methods during prototyping and pre-production to the more rigid process of production and polishing. This enables the company to be flexible and responsive to clients’ needs while maintaining a focus on the project.

In summary, Mount West Music offers a one-stop solution for developers and publishers seeking original music for their projects. With a deep understanding of both game design and programming, a passion for games and music, and a focus on handcrafted, high-quality music that elevates the gaming experience, MWM sets itself apart from other music companies in the industry.

Our mission

At our company, we are dedicated to the mission of providing the world with beautiful and emotionally captivating music that enhances the gaming experience and entertainment value. The founder of our company was born with a hearing disorder but found joy in playing video games that had melodies he could distinguish even when he couldn’t hear the sound effects.

After corrective surgery, he was able to fully appreciate the magic of music, and this experience inspired him to eventually start Mount West Music with the goal of sharing that power with others. Our mission is to give back the profound experience that we all had growing up with both games and music.