Jacob Westberg at two years old playing a game with a computer mouse, focused on the screen that's outside the frame

Mission statement

You may know that Jacob Westberg is the founder of Mount West Music. You may also know that we offer a one-stop solution for game developers to get music into their games. But what is the actual mission of Mount West Music? Our motto is: “Making games last forever

Jacob Westberg at two years old playing a game with a computer mouse, focused on the screen that's outside the frame
Jacob Westberg at the age of two, playing MSDOS games on his dad’s PC.

Why do we want to make games last forever?

Our founder, Jacob Westberg, was born with a hearing disorder which meant that he was limited to only perceive very distinct sounds before he underwent corrective surgery at the age of four. However, he was still able to hear music and melodies. These were particularly noticeable in the games he played growing up, such as Super Mario Bros, Prince of Persia and The Secret of Monkey Island. The music gave him a deeper sense of meaning within the game worlds. And the faint sounds of melodies caught his attention to something beyond the surface of the games. After the surgery, he was finally able to hear the full spectra of sounds, and the music he had listened to became overwhelmingly emotional to him.

This experience is at the core of why we want to make games last forever.

Music has the possibility to not only leave us with memorable experiences and meaningful games, but more importantly it can also open up our minds to become curious and engaged in ways that are beyond words.

At Mount West Music we believe that well composed, produced, and implemented music will make games last forever.

How do we want to make games last forever?

Great game design is at the core of all great games. That’s why our founder wrote his master’s thesis “Ludonarrative Harmony: Music production through the lens of game design”. He concluded that the highest artistic purpose of game music is to connect with the gameplay and its core mechanics.

We work with developers and publishers who understands that music in games is so much more than setting the mood and creating immersion. And we understand that to accomplish something beyond the surface level we use both composition and programming in order to unlock the full potential of what game music can be.

That’s why we believe our company is uniquely fit for the game industry. We care about games and music on a level that goes way beyond the surface level. We believe that’s how we make games last forever.

Want to know more?

Are you interested in exploring how Mount West Music can help with your projects? We are alwasys open for conversations. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss game music and see how we can work together to create something extraordinary.